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JCS Venture Lab and ETPL, A*STAR establish Venture Co-Creation Partnership

JCS Venture Lab (JCSVL) is very honored to be appointed as A*STAR, ETPL’s Venture Co-Creation (VCC) Partner! JCS Group and JCSVL have been long term technology commercialization partners of A*STAR. Our collaboration includes Research collaboration projects, Co-funding Technology commercialization projects, Technology licenses and Staff secondment.  Under this new VCC Partnership, ETPL and JCS will commit multimillion- dollar worth of resources to co-create up to 10 deep tech start-ups in Singapore over the next 3 to 5 years. We are excited about this new chapter of collaboration between JCS and A*STAR and look forward to having more deep-tech Startups in Singapore under the joint effort from public and private sector.

People in photo (from left to right) Allen Tan - Assistant VP, ETPL A*STAR Li Wei - General Manager, JCSVL Tiffany Kuek - Programme Director, JCSVL Jason Yeo - Chairman, JCSVL Philip Lim - CEO, ETPL A*STAR Quek Kai Hoo - VP, ETPL A*STAR Leong Mun Yuen - Senior VP, ETPL A*STAR Sim Yew Hing - Assistant VP, ETPL A*STAR

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